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How to Make Baked Acorn Squash

In this video, you’ll learn how to make simple acorn squash baked with a delicious glaze. Chef John shows you how to cut an acorn squash safely and how to create slashes in the meat of the squash to allow the glaze to soak in. Preparing the glaze is quick and easy. You’ll also learn why proper salting is key. This simple squash dish is the perfect side for so many seasonal main dishes. Get Chef John’s recipe for Baked Acorn Squash. Give it a try on this year's Thanksgiving dinner menu.

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  • Susanne Saldana

How do I get the recipe for this video?

  • Sindia

How do I save this video?

  • IrieGrrl

I found his blog here: And the recipe is supplied under the video. I tried this recipe tonight with a buttercup/acorn hybrid (without the orange juice since I didn't have any) and it was AMAZING!!!