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Chef John's Baked Lemon Pepper Salmon

You know what’s fun about cooking this baked salmon dish? Chef John lets you know what he loves about it—and what he’ll do a little differently next time. That way, you can prepare it with his secret tip the first time. Chef John also shows the fool-proof way to check when salmon is done to perfection. All you need is some wild fish and this recipe (and hint: you might want to have a little honey handy too). Get the recipe for Chef John's Baked Lemon Pepper Salmon.

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  • Cecilia Ranger

Interesting that he didn't like the look of the fish. I don't see anything wrong with the appearance. It looks like it could use a finishing sauce on top. The seasonings sound kind of mild so I can't figure why he think the seasonings are wrong.

  • slogar1

Farmed salmon is widely regarded as being much less healthy, I'll name Prevention Magazine as just one source. Farmed salmon has been routinely found to have more PBCs, more calories, & more fat than wild salmon. Just Google wild salmon vs. farmed salmon and you'll find a number of sources, all of which refutes any claims that farmed is better, that is, unless it is written by someone in that industry. Good job Chef for guiding your followers to a healthier choice!

  • Shelley Hogue

I never, ever cook,prepare or eat any fish from the " yummy " frozen state.. Nor does my husband, whom doe's the ice fishing, etc, If its caught, Its going to be on the plate fresh, within 24- hrs. By the way, too much pepper. Shoud have addded fresh lemon zest and an generous splash of dill.Creams on frozen fish is just yuk! My hubby makes a great veggy garlic spread with melted butter, just a tad of garlic. BAMM