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Traditional White Bread

In this video, you’ll see how to make traditional sandwich bread. This classic white bread bakes up with a light center and a beautiful golden brown crust. It’s so easy to make! Watch the video, then get Danialle’s top-rated recipe for Traditional White Bread. The recipe calls for lard, but you can easily substitute butter or vegetable oil if you prefer.

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  • Cindy Slote

So I have never made bread from scratch without a bread maker but decided to give this a try, it's rising now but my dough was pretty stiff and not as pliable as the video showed. I kneaded for almost 15 mins, what did I do wrong and how do I fix it?

  • Kathy Tobacco

@Linda Marie, 8 minutes of kneading is just about standard? If that seems too long or difficult you can use a mixer or food processor with a dough attachment. Kneading isn't that difficult to do for 8 minutes though. I use a mixer but I usually do the last few minutes myself and I always have to force myself to stop before I over do it. @bearbonz, I haven't heard of doing that especially with a white bread dough but after the first rise, I punch down and then knead the bread a few times to get more air out, and let it bench rest for 10 minutes (with a bowl upside down over my dough) and finally I shape my loaves by folding the dough like an envelope and pinching the seams. I noticed in the video the baker didn't really do much shaping though and the bread turned out beautifully. I am excited to try the lard in my bread. I am among the few people who believe animal fat is healthier most all other fats. And nothing could be more delicious. It is inexpensive too.

  • Gabriella Daniel

This recipe is pretty good, 3/5 stars. I'm usually horrible with doughs, and I gave it try... To my surprise, the bread came out great! In terms of texture it was nice and fluffy, but the taste was pretty bland...I'd suggest adding some more butter to give it a nice buttery taste next time.