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Sweet Potato Pie I

In this video, you’ll see how to make homemade sweet potato pie from scratch. It’s a rich and very dense pie that’s full of flavor. And it’s authentically Southern. Get the recipe for Cougaar’s Sweet Potato Pie I.

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  • Clay

Looks like a good recipe for Sweet Potato Pie. In the grocery stores, where I come from, they call the lighter yellow yam - the sweet potato and the orange or red are called yams. I have used the real sweet potato, which is yellow and usually does not have the moisture content as the orange or red has. It looks like your using the yams instead of the yellow sweet potato variety? Is the orange yam used more often in this recipe over the yellow sweet potato or does it make a difference? I know that South like to have candied yams in casserole dishes and they use the orange yam for that to. Maybe it should be called a Sweet Yam Pie.

  • Barry W. Starkey

@ Clay; Sweet Potatoes are orange in color. Yams which are native to South America and Africa are whitiesh . That's the difference. Sweet Potatoes are sold in most U.S. Grocery stores nation wide. I have never seen Yams sold here anywhere in the U.S.

  • arlene123

sweet potatoes are yellowish, yams are the darker almost orange .. the video above is obviously a sweet potato..