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How To Make Sushi Rice

Great sushi starts with great rice. In this video, you’ll learn how to make sushi rice. Discover the two things that most determine successful sushi rice. We’ll show you the right rice to use and two easy ways to cook it, using either a fuss-free rice cooker or the stove-top method. You’ll get tips on how to rinse your rice and techniques for getting the perfect consistency—sushi rice should be fluffy and a little sticky but not too sticky! We’ll show you how to do it just right.

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  • RayChangTW

I think salt is not needed. I also think that they are adding way too much sugar and vinegar. Sushi should be about the fish or other ingredients, not about tasting the rice so much. I've successfully used long-grain (Basmati) rice to make maki sushi. The trick is to only wash the rice two times. The third time you fill the water, let that be your water to cook. It will still be cloudy, but that is starch and it will hold the rice together better. Also, instead of 2:1 water/rice, up it to 2.3 or 2.4 to 1. Make the rice very soft, but not destroy it into porridge. After you uncover the rice, keep fluffing it and the starch will become like "glue" to hold the rice together. The vinegar and sugar will loosen it a little, but still make it workable for sushi. I hope this might help someone... Ray

  • Catlareu

I thought they usually had a recipe to go along with these videos, but I can't fine one here. The sugar looks like it might be natural sugar or sugar in the raw, which looks like light brown sugar but doesn't taste like it.

  • Mitsuko Fredrickson

I do not understand why you have to add salt. At home, my mother made sushi rice with rice vinegar and white sugar. She just tasted as she stirred saugar into vinegar. That is it. I do not remember the proportion of rice and water but here in California I use medium grain rice like Calrose 1:1.5 ratio. One more trick to give a shine on sushi rice is when you stir vinegar in the rice, you quickly fan the rice with hand fan which in result with shiny finish on rice. It is hard to get short grain where I live now but I am sure there is a recipe on the package.