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Making California Rolls

These popular sushi rolls are made with cooked crab meat (or imitation crab), avocado, and cucumber—there’s no raw fish in a California roll. In this video, you’ll see everything you need to make delicious sushi, plus get great tips for preparing and assembling the ingredients. You’ll find helpful techniques for rolling your California rolls—and discover why the California roll is sometimes called an “inside-out roll.” California rolls are surprisingly easy to make and impressive to serve as appetizers for parties or as a main dish for dinner served with miso soup.

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I also found that not using the plastic wrap and just keeping your hands wet works great...if you're rolling with the nori on the outside. I've tried doing this with the rice on the outside with just my hands wet. I have a difficult time keeping everything firmly together. It took some practice, but I'm getting much better at not rolling the plastic up with the rice. I'm glad there's someone else who doesn't like to spend a fortune at restaurants on sushi rolls.

  • Atticus

I find there is no need for the plastic wrap, it just gets in the way as you can see in the video. If you keep your hands moist with cold water it will help the rice from sticking to your hands.