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Grandma VanDoren’s White Bread

In this video, you’ll see how to make delicious homemade sandwich bread. This recipe for old-fashioned white bread was handed down by a grandmother who had never written it down. Watch the video, then get the 5-star recipe for Grandma Van Doren’s White Bread. Sandwiches never tasted so good.

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  • PAB

This looks like a sloppy way to make bread, but after using the sponge method 3 times now I'll never make bread any other way. The bread rises so easily and tastes so good. I have learned to use a flour scraper to fold in the flour to the turned out sponge and keep my hands out of the kneading process until most of the flour has been added. Now it's hardly messy at all and so simple. I've used white, whole wheat and spelt flour using the sponge and all have turned out terrific.

  • Nicole Durocher

aug.7,2013 Never made bread before. Tried Grandma VanDoren white bread recipe and it turned out amazing. I now have a permanent ongoing contract to make bread for my family...lots of work but worth it

  • MAUREEN219

Am in the process of making this recipe. I did change serving size to one 1&1/2 loaf, however, I didn't end up with a sponge. It's more like traditional dough. Letting it rise now but don't know how will turn out!