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Quick and Easy Yorkshire Pudding

In this video, you’ll see how to make quick-and-easy Yorkshire puddings. To make the super-simple batter, all you need are eggs, milk, and flour. Baked in the oven, these light and airy Yorkshire puddings puff up to a beautiful golden brown. They’re a classic accompaniment with roast beef. Watch the video, then get BLU17’s top-rated recipe for Quick and Easy Yorkshire Pudding. This is the perfect traditional English side dish for Christmas dinner.

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  • Alan Pangman

I tried buttermilk in mine. It was great.

  • Norbert Voss

I haven't read all comments. I did read what Mariene Johnson wrote, and I see what she is saying. A Yorkshire Pud' needs immense heat to rise. The batter literally has to explode from the pan. I just do not see how the recipe here can work.

  • Christel Webb

Hello Marlene Johnson Your comment is not only rude, I also find it hard to read as there is no punctuation at all and you obviously didn't care to spell check. The given recipe is beautiful! It worked for me and obviously for many others as well. Take into consideration that there is more than one way to make nice yorshire puddings. If you paid as much attention to the given recipe that you did to your comment, no wonder your yorkshires didn't come out as fluffy and tasty as mine.