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Original Chex(R) Party Mix

This all-time favorite recipe has been wowing party guests for years. In this video, you’ll see how to get that delicious toasted flavor using your microwave. Original Chex® Party Mix combines the great taste of Wheat Chex®, Corn Chex®, and Rice Chex® cereals with nuts, pretzels, and the crunchy bite-size bagel chips of your choice. Simply stir in classic seasonings with a little melted butter and mix in well. Microwave for a handful of minutes, stirring to make sure it’s cooking evenly, and you’re ready for a party! Get the recipe for Original Chex(R) Party Mix.

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  • Jamai Deuberry

1. On my first attempt, I used the microwave method. It turned out terribly. I was chewy rather than crunchy. Much prefer the oven backing method. 2. Is anyone else having an issue with some of the cereal clumping when wetted with the butter/spices mixture and stirred? Does anyone have a suggestion to prevent this from happening?

  • fruitgirly

Crispix is much sweeter than Chex. Doesnt traslate well for this recipe but will work for the sweet ones.

  • BARBIEButler

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