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How to Make Hard Candy

Making hard candy isn’t hard at all. Learn how to whip up colorful, delicious batches of yummy hard candy for holidays, gifts, special occasions, or just to have some around the house. Your whole family will love it, and it’s super-easy to make. Decide what types of flavors you like—cinnamon, peppermint, butterscotch—and then pick food colorings to match. All you really need is a stovetop and a candy thermometer. Once the candy’s done, break it into the sizes and shapes you want and serve.

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  • Sherrie Norman

When I make what I call " glass candy " I do the very same steps. Except I have yet to find a candy thermometer that really works. Most of them under cook the candy or God forbid over cook it which burns the candy. My Mother taught me way back when I was just a child, to use the water method to check if the candy is done. As the sugar, karo and water starts to get thick, place a small amount in the water. If it "cracks as you pour it into the water, your done. That's just for this kind of candy. Also, be careful when you add the color and flavor. Especially cinnamon. Make sure you have doors open and ceiling fan on. Cinnamon is my Family's most favorite so I make it a lot. The cinnamon can burn your nostrils and your face, so be sure to stir away from your face, plus the flavorings and colors hitting that hot of candy can seriously make it splatter and burn your hands. I use a very long wooden spoon to stir that together. I do have to say that this candy is the BEST. This person used w

  • chef boy rd

looks good. 8)

  • Cathy Clubb

This video was really helpful. What the video did not say was how LONG it would take to get to 300 degrees... I was constantly stirring for 30 minutes... I thought it would stay at 220 degrees forever. I made a sheet of blue candy to break up to make quick rock candy for a Lego Chima birthday party. My recipe called for 2 cups water, 1 cup corn syrup, 3-and-a-half cup sugar, 1/4 tsp cream of tartar (not sure why), 4 drops of blue gel, and 1/4tsp vanilla...