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How to Make Campfire Corn

Fresh corn cooked over a campfire is the perfect taste of summer. In this video, you’ll see how easy it is to prepare corn on a grill. We’ll show you how to prepare the corn for grilling, a process that removes the silk while leaving the husks intact. You’ll see two ways to grill the corn. One with the corn husks on, and the other with the husks pulled down to develop attractive grill marks and delicious charred flavor. Then you’ll see a method for pre-soaking the corn, so the husks won’t burn on the open flames. There’s also a recipe for a zesty garlic lemon butter that adds a gourmet twist to campfire corn. Now that’s the taste of summer!

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  • Lindy_tx

Just how I like it, and the compound butter is a nice addition.

  • camping mom

While this is a good video and informational - this is NOT CAMPFIRE corn. This is grilled corn. I was hoping you'd show a method for doing corn over a campfire.

  • woodsmoke

INDEED!, c mom and Lindy tx,from diffrent approaches to this,but you both r correct.