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How to Make Country Potato Salad

Hard-cooked eggs, sweet relish, and celery give this country-style potato salad extra flavor and crunch. In this video, you’ll see how to make a classic potato salad with just a hint of vinegar for an extra bit of zing. We’ll show you how to blend the flavors together. This is the potato salad you’ll want to take to the next picnic, barbeque, or family gathering! Check out more top-rated recipes for potato salad.

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  • House of Aqua

Very helpful! I love potato salad yet I have never made it myself, but I am planning on taking the plunge this month! It helps to see this step by step, great video!

  • Jennifer

I wish I could see the video, I keep getting a video not available message. Also I agree with Jazzerjoyce, I cook to escape..and I dont ned to see political ads that wont influence me.

  • srclare

Great videos. Thank you