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How to Make Sangria

This Spanish and Portuguese favorite is now a sensation in the United States! And why not? Sangria is the perfect refresher. In this video, you’ll learn how to make this adult-friendly fruity punch that makes the very most of inexpensive wine. You’ll also get a few tips for adding exciting cut fruit combinations, including tasty seasonal fruit pairings, and tricks for getting extra flavor from your sangria.

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  • mkuhlka

This are basic steps for sangria, and like with every thing, people add, switch, leave out ingredients to suit their taste. That said, this "recipe" leaves out one of the main ingredients for a real sangria from Spain (I was born in Madrid and had my share), you add "gaseosa" a sweet carbonated water, the best substitute I found here in the US is Squirt. Also for true Spanish sangria, only orange, lemon and a shot of brandy is used, key is the used of cheap read wine, with emphasis in cheap.

  • KimandDennis Bemis

I don't care for most red wines so I use either a moscato or a Riesling and I don't add citrus fruits anymore because the rind tends to make it bitter if it sits overnight. I just squeeze the juice out of them and add that instead. And I always add more then just the one liquor. I use rum, triple sec, amaretto, and peach schnapps, one shot each and about 2 cups ginger ale and to keep it from being way too many calories I add Splenda or stevia to sweeten to taste.

  • istore221