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How to Grill Bratwurst

Bratwurst is the perfect picnic or barbeque sausage. In this video, you’ll learn how to grill bratwurst in two easy steps. We’ll show you the key to getting perfectly caramelized bratwursts—low, slow grilling—because cooking them too quickly causes them to split open. You’ll see where to position your sausages on the grill so they cook evenly and develop that delicious caramelized exterior without burning. You’ll also get suggestions for the best condiments to pile onto your brats.

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  • Robert

Totally agree with guy above!

  • indif187

This video is way off, you have to gently boil brats in beer (preferably Warsteiner beer from Germany)for 15-20 minutes first. Then you can grill them but off to the side of direct heat for about 10 minutes, then they will be the perfect color and "bite" and the taste is to die for.

  • Ida

Being half german, I totally agree with indif187: beer will perfect the taste!