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Puerto Rican Codfish Stew

In this video, Allrecipes cook Milly makes her Bacalao a la Vizcaina (Basque-Style Codfish Stew). This Spanish-style fish stew from the Basque region of Spain is a traditional peasant dish popular in Spanish-speaking countries. In Puerto Rico, it is a year-round favorite, but most enjoyed during Lent. This is a fabulous Puerto Rican version. Watch the video, then get the recipe for Milly's Puerto Rican Codfish Stew.

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  • Diony “Braincodedamaged” De Je

This is one of the real deal in Puertorican cuisine.

  • FoodyLover

I need the recipe for a good rice & beans. Yu know the kind with the pork in it. I had it once in NYC and fell in love. I have been seeking a recipe for-ever.Thanks

  • Elizabeth

The music is incredibly distracting. Maybe a little bomba y plena softly in the background?