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How to Grill Fish

Outdoor grilling is a fast, easy, and flavorful way to add more fish to your diet. Plus, cleanup is easy, and since you’re cooking outside, there’s no fishy smell to linger in the house! In this video, you’ll learn how to grill fish, including how to select the freshest fish at the market—and get the basic steps for grilling fish evenly. You’ll learn how to prepare your gas or charcoal grill for cooking fish. Also, since some fish have firm and others delicate flesh, we’ll show you the best methods for grilling different kinds of fish, from salmon to halibut, tuna to tilapia, from fish fillets to fish steaks and kabobs. You’ll also see how to turn fish so it doesn’t fall apart in the flipping. You’ll also learn how to tell when grilled fish is done cooking and ways to prevent overcooking it. Before you know it, you'll be ready to try out your new skills on recipes for grilled seafood.

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This is a wonderful video! I love fish and cant wait to grill all sorts!

  • Ariea

Wow! Grilled salmon.Who knew it was so easy? I'm not telling......

  • KGora

Perri said it. Grilled fish is a little intimidating for sure. My husband likes his fried mostly but I tend to shy away from fried foods. I grilled fish once and am ready to grill again after watching this video. I would like to try it on a cedar plank also! Yum!