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How to Make Pulled Pork

This staple of the South just couldn’t be more simple or delicious! In this video, you’ll learn how to make succulent pulled pork right in your oven or slow cooker. You’ll discover the best cut to use for pulled pork and how much of it to buy to feed a hungry family. You’ll find out the best way to marinate your pork and which seasonings make the best rubs. You’ll also see how to quickly seal in juices before you cook the pork low and slow, letting it simmer it in its own savory juices. Then, watch how easy it is to shred perfectly cooked pulled pork and see how to make a wonderful sauce with the meat juices. Get a top-rated pulled pork recipe.

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  • Crannog Dolmen

I'm soldon it after watching this video. This is what caused me to join!

  • Jay Lynne Stuart

Where are you people getting your information? I realized there are different ways of doing everything, but this is pretty ridiculous. "Pulled Pork" is about the meat, and it's not necessarily served in sandwich form and it's certainly not all mushed around in a bunch of sauce. A nice sauce can compliment it, served on the side and drizzled over the top, but the meat should NEVER be all mixed up in the sauce. When you do that, you have nothing more than a sloppy joe that took all day to cook. The pork roast should also be bone-in. People trust this site for accurate information. Shame on you!

  • brian38337

Relax mimosa... Do you have a favorite BBQ rub? The first 20 seconds of the video says "pulled pork... traditionally made by slow cooking pork over low heat in a smoker, if you don’t have a smoker you can get the same results with your oven or crock-pot." That's all a disclaimer they need. Personally I don’t like my meat smothered in sauce (and evidently neither do you) we worry about the Rub. An easy rub to make is: 1/2 cup - low sodium seasoning salt (ie lawry’s), 1/2 cup – white sugar, 1 Tbs – Red Pepper, 1 Tbs – Garlic salt… adjust it to taste and just use your sauce for dipping. I don’t to eat bread with good Pulled Pork, I’ld rather save room for another helping of pork. Do you have a favorite BBQ rub?