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How to Make Stuffing

Stuffing is pure comfort food! In this video, you’ll learn how to make stuffing. We’ll show you the five basic elements to good stuffing. You'll learn the best bread to use, plus how to prep and cook the vegetables and meat. Then you’ll see how to combine all the ingredients, making sure you make the mixture moist, not soggy. You’ll get tips on how to stuff a turkey, including how much stuffing to use. Find top-rated stuffing and dressing recipes. And if you don’t have a turkey to stuff, bake your stuffing in a casserole dish.

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  • Janet Lee Sheets Phad

video works sporadically.... not an easy thing to watch.

  • jamee

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  • sift2cupsflour

I counted 6 elements, unless they are putting the herbs and seasonings together as 1 element, or counting the meat and seafood as an optional element.