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How to Make Sweet Potato Pie

In this video, you’ll learn how to make sweet potato pie. A classic Southern dessert that’s full of soul, sweet potato pie uses some of the same spices as pumpkin pie; you’ll notice the similarity in taste and texture. But the big difference? Homemade sweet potato pie is easier to make from scratch than pumpkin pie. You’ll see how to get added crunch and flavor from your sweet potato pie by sprinkling nuts like pecans or walnuts on the bottom of the pie crust. Stay tuned until the end for a great tip on avoiding cracks in sweet potato pie. Find the best recipes for sweet potato pie. This is a classic recipe for your Thanksgiving dinner menu.

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  • jimpco

try roasting the sweet potatoes instead of boiling them, I get a better tasting pie that way...see what you think next time you make one.

  • brianmorin

Good idea. - bri

  • Sandra

I think the potatoes are sweeter when you bake them, then u can use less sugar