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Easy Pizza Sauce III

In this video, you’ll see how to whip up a flavorful pizza sauce with just a few ingredients. Feel free to make your own additions, like dried basil, sugar, or rosemary, and then add your favorite cheeses and toppings. Get the recipe for Brent’s Easy Pizza Sauce III.

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  • Cheryll Leone

There are plently of great recipes that use prepared foods. This is one. Thank you.

  • February

I am sure your flavored tomato paste and sauce for your pizza sauce is tastes good. I just don't see using canned tomatoes full of preservatives to make it. I mean What's the point in making this recipe when you are starting out with canned processed tomato paste and sauce. I am currently making my own and I start mine with fresh organically grown tomatoes from my garden (you can go to produce section or farmers market) that I use a victorio food strainer. After I strain them I put the tomato juice/sauce through a two layered extra fine strainer to get rid of excess water. Then I have a nice lovely red thick tomato sauce. You can save some of the strained water if you want your saucy paste to be thinner. I am not trying to be mean honestly, I just think recipes you post shouldn't contain preprocessed presatavtive filled items. Homemade canned stuff that was hot water bathed or pressure canned I understand. As, I am going to be canning the two gallons I am making with home grown organi