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Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Want the best peanut butter cookie and chocolate chip cookie in just one recipe? In this video, you’ll see how to make chewy, satisfying peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. Kathy Bliesner’s top-rated recipe will have you clamoring for more. Try her Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies and sit back and enjoy the compliments.

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  • Mikeal Segotta

MikeyMadi--you'll find a great majority of candy recipes have corn syrup (not to be confused of course, with High-Fructose corn syrup). There are two main reasons the ingredient is used in candy-making and they are, 1., it helps stabilize the the mixture without having to add water (or as much water) and more importantly, 2., helps prevent sugar's natural 'urge' to crystalize. Maple syrup--especially in 'hard-core' candy making (things like brittles and toffees) simply will not work if it's genuine maple syrup, and if it's not genuine then is it most likely maple flavored corn syrup. Lastly, you can find corn syrup (both light and dark) sold in most any grocery store. In the US the brand leader is Karo, and they offer both light (clear) and dark varieties. (Recipes generally specify which to use.) The light version is virtually tasteless, while the dark has a molasses or treacle flavor. Most large supermarket chains will also carry a house brand at a lesser price point and all o

  • MikeyMadi

Why is corn syrup in the recipe? i want to make these but have no idea where to buy corn syrup so I will substitute maple syrup instead.

  • happychef

I'VE BEEN making this recipe for years. BUT I USE SAVELLA instand of white sugar,also tried with applesauce its awesome .I call it Grames peanutbutter/chocolate chips.Thank you for sharing yours also.I love recreate different ingredients into all my recipes. yummy .Happychef MARIA