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How to Roast Peppers

Oven roasted peppers add smoky flavor to recipes. In this video, you’ll see how to roast peppers. You’ll learn how to roast peppers in the oven under a broiler, on a gas stove using metal tongs, and on an outdoor grill. Roasting your own peppers is so easy, you’ll wonder why you ever spent money on expensive prepared roasted peppers. Learn what makes hot peppers hot and discover ways to protect yourself from getting scorched when handling them! You’ll also learn tricks for removing the skins, membranes, and seeds. Roast your own peppers and save money; it’s a hot idea! Check out top-rated recipes for peppers.

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  • MakeItWork

oh, I forgot. The best way to preserve roasted peppers is to freeze them. Otherwise they will last in the fridge in a zip bag or sealed container for about a week. You can't can them unless you use a pressure canner. I've dehydrated jalapeno's and habenero's and then ground up in a spice grinder and sprinkled that into dishes for some heat. Works pretty good.

  • MakeItWork

I always roast peppers over the flame on the gas stove top. I lay them directly on the metal/iron grate and clean that as soon as it cools. Easiest and least hassle in my opinion. Holding on to the pepper with tongs the entire time is a good way to get burned so I don't agree with that in the video. Good luck roasting Habanero's...ugh, those things STINK to high heaven when you roast them. I'd advise to do those outside on the grill if you do that. Seriously! 6 cups of roasted green chili peppers would equal A LOT of raw peppers. I grow my own in the summer and I'd say it would take at least 2 dozen to get that amount once roasted and chopped (unless their huge). Green chili's are green chili's...they have a mild heat. You can buy them in a can in the Hispanic aisle at grocery store versus doing it yourself for more accurate amounts. Or use Poblano or Anaheim peppers as a good substitute, plus those are larger and would take maybe 10 or so for 6 cups roasted. Hard to say as they can

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