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Red Skinned Potato Salad

In this video, you’ll see how to make a 5-star potato salad starring red potatoes, which give the salad a wonderfully firm texture. It’s also creamy, with plenty of mayonnaise, lots of tasty bacon, plus chopped egg, and the classic crunch of chopped celery and spicy onion. Watch the video, then get Donna’s 5-star recipe for Red Skinned Potato Salad. It’s a must-have at summer picnics, barbeques, and family gatherings.

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  • Lois Grove

Left out the pickle and add finely chopped radishes. Used about one Tablespoon very finely chopped onion or use just onion powder. Did not add eggs but instead slice them on top and sprinkle with paprika.

  • ButterCrunch

Ever since you emailed me (via my subscription) this particular Red Skinned Potato Salad recipe, I had been twitching to buy the ingredients and cook it up. Well, I finally got around to it and Woww!! Being a self-proclaimed Chef of the bachelor kind, I just had to throw some rhythm on this. First, I nearly-doubled the ingredients, 3 Lbs. Potatoes & 10 eggs; I live alone and like to make for leftovers—and mine turned out to be quite a delectable mountain of a salad! I then added: 2 chopped-up Granny Smith Apples; 1 T. Parsley; ¼ T. Thyme; 1 T. Cayenne Pepper; 2 T. Sea Salt; 2 T. Grainy Dijon Mustard; 1 T. Tumeric and 1 T. Horseradish. Oh, and I upped the Mayo to 3 C.(cups). I don’t know what got into me but I only cooked 8 strips of bacon! Normally, I cook a whole package of Oscar Meyer for my dishes but this time I bought Smithfield’s. (I’ll just stick to Smithfield’s Hams; my taste-buds voiced their bias with their bacon). Additionally, and in my defense, I hadn’t eaten bacon in 2 years and used my cast iron flat grill where I should’ve used my 12” skillet (I drip the bacon grease into glass jars and freeze it for future use in beans, et al.). The following day, I divided it all into 2 plastic buckets. (Note: As I wrote this to you, I feverishly shoved heaps of this addictive salad into my pie hole! It’s so-ooo good that my left eye was on the verge of conniption. I don’t know WHERE my right eye is—it dashed off into the kitchen after the first mouthful…but I’m sure it’s waiting somewhere near the refrigerator, er, um, eyeballing the door handle. Anywhoo, I just thought you’d like to know about the efficacy of some of your hundreds of knee-slapping, moon-howling recipes. Thank You #AllRecipes! Have a healthy and gratifying Summer. Culinarily yours, Rico DaBaron (

  • jaci

Good Heavens! I hope this isn't the real instruction video! No wonder people walking around with hypertension! Throwing in salt like it's water! A pinch of salt is more than enough to cook those potatoes with. Bacon already has in salt. Then she throws in more salt at the end! And two cups of mayonnaise! Wth! This recipe needs some major adjustments. Talk about stroke in a bowl!