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How to Make Gazpacho

When it’s too hot to cook, cool off with a no-cook bowl of homemade gazpacho soup. This video gives you a quick and easy recipe, with step-by-step instructions for using your food processor to whip up this colorful and refreshing cold soup from Southern Spain. See how to combine bread cubes, fresh tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, red onion, and garlic to make the flavorful soup base. Tomato juice and a dash of vinegar finish the dish. Add a drop or two of hot pepper sauce if you want that extra kick. You can make this ahead of time and let it chill in your fridge before dishing it up to your grateful guests.

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  • Don R

I ned to apologize - my keyboard does not print every key I touch, and makes my posting like as tho I can not spell. Iouble check from now on. O yes, will try adding the extra virgin olive oil and maybe the bread too. donr

  • Don R

Sounds good, but you only made a lttle bit. First im Itried, I ate unti I was full, and had to refrigerate the remainig 5qts. I did have two onions, half a jar of salsa, cery, some jicema bcause I like the texture, a few feesh tomaoes,2-3 cans of diced tomatoes, a can of tomato sauce, then the tomto juice. andsome Toasco. Wonder about some Werchiriter(sp?) sauce, and some garlic Of course I'd never seen a recipe, but it sure tasted good. Had to use the 6qt slow cooker bowl to hold it all. donr

  • sue

The bread helps to thicken the soup (and is really used by most Spaniards when making it), and this recipe is the closest thing I could find to the one my host mom showed me when she taught me how to make gazpacho while I was in Madrid last summer--it's pretty authentic, and delicious!