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How to Beat Egg Whites

What makes cakes, mousses, and meringues so light and fluffy? The secret is in the egg whites. Properly beaten egg whites incorporate air into batters of all kinds. This video shows you how easy it is to beat egg whites, and gives you helpful tips for getting the best results. You’ll see how to separate egg whites from the yolks, and get step-by-step instructions for beating egg whites to fit specific recipe instructions. See what “foamy” or “frothy” should look like, as well as “soft peaks” and “stiff glossy peaks.” Get great tips for what kind of mixing bowls to use, learn what temperature the egg white should be, and see how a little cream of tartar helps stabilize the whipped whites. Also learn how and when to add sugar to sweeten the mix. Learn more about eggs, grades and nutrition.

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  • Kumaran Pillai

whereI ca n buy tarter it seems it is not available In india

  • Lillian

Great tip about not using a plastic bowl! I never knew that! And I never knew to use cream of tartar. Maybe this is why I have so many problems beating eggs whites! I never get them to the stiff peaks stage! Maybe now I will!

  • tcsangel

I was so glad to find this video! I have tried whipping egg whites so many times. FYI...I found out the hard way that if any yolk at all gets in have to start over!