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Affogato with Cold-Brewed Coffee

In this video, you’ll see how to make a simple yet stunningly delicious ice-cream dessert and learn a cold-brew technique for brewing mellow, naturally sweet coffee. First, you’ll see the cold-brew coffee-making method, which uses cold instead of boiling hot water. Why cold? Because you end up with a low-acid coffee that’s soft and mellow. You’ll also see an ingenious trick for straining out the coffee grains. The end result is a coffee concentrate. But hold on! This particular batch of brew is not for drinkin’. Instead, you’ll see how to make Affogato. It sounds fancy, but Affogato is simply vanilla-bean ice cream served with a drizzle of Chef John's cold-brew coffee concentrate (use it straight!) and a bit of shaved chocolate. Check out the recipe for Chef John’s Affogato with Cold Brew Coffee. Rich and refreshing but not really filling, this is simply a wonderful summer dessert!

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  • House of Aqua

Loved this video, the guy's comments as he is making it made me laugh. :)