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How to Make Four Cheese Pasta

Pasta in a rich and creamy cheese sauce is a comfort food classic that is so easy to make at home. In this video, you’ll get an easy-to-follow recipe made with cooked pasta and four Italian cheeses. Step-by-step instructions give you great tips for boiling pasta, making a flour and butter roux as the base of the cheese sauce, adding stock or broth, and melting in the cheeses for a smooth and creamy consistency. Once you get the basics down, you can easily make this again and again, or use the cream sauce in many different recipes.

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  • kiriny13

Is there a written version of this recipe?? I'd like to know the amounts and heat levels for this recipe to practice it at home... and is there a way to substitute the Sour Cream and Gorgonzola cheeses?? Let me know, thanks!!

  • aceofhearts4876

I don't have a written recipe, I just eyeballed the whole thing, but I used ricotta and gouda instead of the sour cream and gorgonzala, came out scrumptious ^.^

  • yanni123

when making pie pastry must you use lard, I can't use it. Can I use butter?