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How to Make French Crepes

French crepes are nothing too terribly intimidating or fancy; they’re essentially thin, delicate pancakes served with savory or sweet fillings. In this video, you’ll see how to make simple buckwheat crepes, the traditional crepes of Normandy, with a filling of mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, and gruyere cheese. You’ll also get a great tip for preparing your batter a day in advance. A good batter and a little bit of technique are the keys to making beautiful crepes. The sky is the limit for what you put into your crepes: whether savory or sweet, they’re a delicious treat any time of day, from breakfast through evening dessert. Watch the video, then see our top-rated crepe recipes.

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  • InMyOpinion2000

The chef did state that her recipe for crepes were "NORMANDY STYLE" CREPES! I imagine each region of France make their batter a bit different. If you were to visit different parts of Louisiana (USA) you would find that each person make their gumbo or jambalaya a bit different from another person that reside in LA...YET, they are all sort of similar! ;-D Perhaps, technically it's the "same" with CREPES; however, the FLOURS used in the crepes can vary according to the region. Different regions of France, perhaps, use chickpea flour, some use buckwheat, some might prefer an all-purpose flour, etc., etc. I bet they even use the most popular cheese in their region to fill the savory crepes, as well. Besides,Chef J. may have also "added" her own special twist to the traditional crepe recipe. She did mention adding BEER to the batter, as well. In most crepe recipes it does not ask us to add BEER to the crepe batter. I'm thinking that Chef J. wanted to take her crepes up a

  • InMyOpinion2000

Personally, I do not care for BUCKWHEAT; however, if it works well and "taste" delicious in this recipe...then I would eat the crepes parepared this way! A lot of bloggers were stating that the "crepes" were too thick...

  • Gary Fowler

Silly Europeans. We use eggs in place of the crepes. They're called omelettes :o)