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Chef John’s Individual Beef Wellingtons

Making a rich and savory mushroom pate is the first step in creating these individual beef Wellingtons. Finely chopped brown mushrooms are caramelized and then joined with shallots and some spices. This mixture is cooled to room temperature, then mixed with a smooth truffle-flavored pate. We'll let the flavors combine while we sear the steaks in hot butter to brown all the edges. They can rest in the refrigerator while we start working with the frozen puff pastry. After cutting a full sheet into four 6-inch squares, we'll spoon some pate into the center of each one, place a mustard-smeared steak on top, and wrap the pastry around to encase the filet. When all filets are wrapped, they'll rest in the fridge while we prepare the pastry bases. The remaining sheet of pastry gets trimmed into 4 circles and baked until crispy. While they're cooling, we'll pop the filets into the freezer for 15 minutes, brush them with egg wash, and cook them until puffy and golden brown. After a 5-minute rest, we'll slice the filets in half and trim them a bit so they stand up nicely on the round pastry bases. Get the recipe for Chef John’s Individual Beef Wellingtons. More about this recipe from Chef John: Individual Beef Wellingtons: Chef John's Smart Take on a Dumb Recipe.

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