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Hash Brown Casserole II

This video shows you how to make a simple hash brown casserole with a creamy potato center and a crispy, cheesy crust. Discover the secret ingredient that makes this top-rated recipe such a big hit for both brunch and dinner. Watch the video, then get CMANSKY’s 5-star recipe for Hash Brown Casserole II.

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  • willowsprite

Dear people, You don't need melted butter! The hashbrowns are already blanched in canola oil!! Plus, you are already adding fat with the cheese, sour cream, and soup. The butter is not needed, it's got a lot of fat already. You can see the grease pooling at the top when the casserole is done.

  • Lindy-Jane Porter

We can't buy those hash brown potatoes in Australia. Can I just grate my potatoes?

  • HashBrown

You can, but you have to rinse and drain the potatoes to get the starch out, or else they will oxidize and turn green and gooey.