You Put Ice Cream in What?! This TikTok Snack Blew My Mind

You'd never think to put these foods together, but here's why you should.

Of all the crazy food combos that come out of TikTok, it’s a wonder we’re still surprised by anything. But this week we spotted a new snack trend that's had our heads spinning. 

A woman holding a fruit roll-up filled with ice cream up to the center of it.

In the viral video, creator @golisdream reveals her favorite, and shall we say quite original, 2-ingredient snack: fruit roll-ups and ice cream. She simply unrolls the fruit snack, dollops a scoop of mango ice cream in the center, then rolls it up to make a neat little ice cream package.

I didn't think much of the candy-ice cream pairing until I heard that CRUNCH. It’s so unexpected, it stopped me in my tracks. In fact, if you weren’t watching the screen, you might think you’re hearing someone chomp down on a stack of Pringles. Where does that satisfying crunch come from, and how does it happen so fast?

Being the true culinary investigators that we are, we had to try it out for ourselves. 

Immediately, we found this snack hack to be a stroke of genius. Just as advertised, the chewy fruit roll-up froze instantly and gave the wrap a cool, crunchy texture. It all happened in a matter of seconds—as soon as the fruit snack came in contact with the ice cream—so you have to work fast.

As far as how it works, we still don't exactly know. In a follow-up video, the creator just adds, “Something about the combination of the two instantly makes this freeze.” We'll take it.

However, while the first bite had that amazing crunchy effect, the fruit roll-up softened back to its original sticky consistency the longer you chewed on it making it reminiscent of mochi.

We kept the fruity theme going with an orange and raspberry sherbet filling, but the creator also suggests trying vanilla ice cream which could be a fun riff on a strawberries-and-cream flavor. She also reveals that serious fruit roll-up fans can buy mega boxes (we’re talking 72-count) of the sweet snacks on Amazon for much cheaper than a grocery store price point. We love a good budget tip!

This ‘guilty pleasure’ treat couldn’t be easier to achieve, and it’s one we’ll be sure to circle back to in the hot summer months (the kids will go crazy for it too!). This surprising play on flavors and textures is truly one-of-a-kind. 

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