This Is the Secret to “Legendary” Scrambled Eggs, According to One Creator

And, after trying it for ourselves, we have to agree.

"I think this is legendary," the video starts. In a recent TikTok posted by @intothesauce, the creator behind the account, Tori Falzon, describes how she discovered a trick for buttery, perfect scrambled eggs with one unexpected ingredient.

Inspired by the breakfast her grandmother would make from the egg wash left over after making schnitzel, Falzon had the idea to add some bread crumbs to her scrambled eggs. She says her family would fight over her grandma's scrambled eggs because they had bread crumbs from the schnitzel coating in them that would become toasty and crunchy as the eggs cooked in butter.

In this video—which sits at over 3 million views at the moment—Falzon mixes butter-toasted panko bread crumbs into creamy soft scrambled eggs.

She starts by, "toasting panko in butter until it smells nutty," then whisking together a few eggs with a little Grana Padano, a splash of milk, and some seasoning salt. Once the bread crumbs are lightly toasted, she adds the eggs into the buttery panko and continues to scramble the eggs as usual. As Falzon writes, she may never make scrambled eggs without panko again.

Of course, with a claim like that, we have to try them for ourselves. And readers, these scrambled eggs are no joke—they were extra buttery and rich, and absolutely delicious. The crunch of the panko added a texture we have never experienced in scrambled eggs before, but never knew we needed.

If it seems weird, just think of it like scrambled eggs piled atop of a piece of crisp buttered toast, but all mixed together. This is officially our new favorite breakfast, and such a delicious way to break up the monotony of the same-old, same-old eggs.

Fluffy scrambled eggs in a bowl on a yellow background.

Dotdash Meredith Food Studios

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