Make room for one more bird at your holiday table.

By Better Homes & Gardens
Courtesy of Keller's Creamery

This article originally appeared on Better Homes & Gardens by Katlyn Moncada.

Thanksgiving is a time when we love to pull out all the stops decorating the dining table. This year, replace plain stick butter with a sculpted turkey. Intricately detailed with a full body complete with feathers and its "gobbler," you will have conversation-starting piece to go with your dinner rolls and mashed potatoes.

These cute birds come in a 4-ounce package, containing 8 tablespoons of butter, and retail for $3.99 each. They are available in most grocery stores such as Publix and Harris Teeter now, but mostly for in-store purchases only. Make a trip soon to buy a few so there's plenty to go around the table.

Keller's Creamery, the company behind these butter sculptures, also caters to our other favorite food-filled holidays with a bunny-shape sculpture for Easter and a Christmas tree (be on the lookout for this one soon).

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While we love our butter in soft, spreadable form, you'll want to take this butter turkey out of the package while it's still cold to ensure it keeps its detailed bird form—at least until after the photos are taken and it's time to dig in.

This article originally appeared on Better Homes & Gardens.

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