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I Reorganized My Tiny Kitchen for Under $150 — and It's Never Been This Clean

It’s amazing how a container can change your life.
By Lauren Rearick
September 14, 2021
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I have tried countless methods of kitchen organization in an attempt to overhaul my small kitchen apartment. No matter the tips or tricks I followed, I still found myself frustrated by the lack of space. It is unlikely that my landlord would approve of any construction, especially if I was in charge of the hammer, but after purchasing some kitchen containers, I've found that the space definitely seems bigger when I take the time to organize.

It seems like a no-brainer that taking the time to tidy up your kitchen and place everything in convenient storage containers would clear out some room. It was only in doing some research and making the purchases that I saw results for myself. Keeping myself to a budget of under $150, I found some space savers that have made my kitchen seem a lot bigger, even without tearing down a wall.

In making my shopping list, I turned to revamping the areas that proved most crowded, particularly the cupboards and drawers. Food items that I'd normally leave in boxes, like rice and pasta, I found convenient containers for.

Credit: Lauren Rearick

Buy It: $17; containerstore.com

Credit: containerstore.com

Buy It: $11–$24; containerstore.com

In removing bulky boxes from my cupboards, I was able to clear out more space for other odds and ends. To avoid further kitchen confusion, I used the space to add an additional smaller bin where I placed loose items like mixes, oatmeal, and snacks. Plus, thanks to the clear bins, I'm now able to see what's actually inside my cabinets.

I extended the organization to other commonly used areas of my kitchen, too, finding a slim box that perfectly fit toaster pastries and a series of three perfect snack-sized holders. I also picked up a holder for eggs, which has been dubbed "super functional" by shoppers. And because of its square size, I was able to place additional items on top of the eggs.

The actual size of my kitchen didn't change in all this, but by clearing out areas of clutter and finding new means of holding items, I was able to create more room.

Credit: Lauren Rearick

Buy It: $13–$26; containerstore.com

Pantry Bins
Credit: Lauren Rearick

Buy It: $7–$80; containerstore.com

Reviewers have praised the kitchen-approved containers for the same reasons, writing, "They fit perfectly amongst a variety of configurations and look really nice." A different shopper helpfully pointed out that the containers can be stacked on top of one another, which serves as an additional great means of saving space.

When it comes to organizing your kitchen, deciding on the perfect containers will require keeping your kitchen size in mind. But, when you do find the perfect bins, you should notice a transformation. As this customer, overwhelmed by a cluttered kitchen, wrote of pantry bins, "Our pantry looks better and it's easier to find stuff now."

Ready to revamp your living space? Head over to the Container Store's website and start shopping. But, be warned: With containers for organizing every room in your home, you may find yourself adding a few extra things to the cart (I am definitely speaking from experience).

Credit: containerstore.com

Buy It: $13–$24; containerstore.com

Credit: containerstore.com

Buy It: $20; containerstore.com

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