Save Your Bacon (Literally) With This Brilliant Hack

TikTok strikes again with another mind-blowing food storage tip.

Cripsy strips of bacon arranged on purple background

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I'm always on the lookout for tips and tricks that will save me time, food, and most importantly money. We've all been there—you open a package of bacon and only use a few slices. Do you wrap the rest in plastic wrap or aluminum foil? Put it in a plastic bag? Well, one TikTok creator came up with one of those mind-blowing hacks that gives you that instant "a-ha" moment. Behold:

In the video, the creator, @yaya.kreates, demonstrates how to cut the package in half straight down the middle. She removes the bacon she's going to use, then saves the plastic packaging. After removing the paper label insert, she simply slides that now-empty side over the remaining half-package of leftover bacon. It fits perfectly, of course.

From there, you have a perfectly sealed bacon package to store in your fridge. If you're going to freeze the remaining bacon, I recommend placing it in a zip-top bag to further prevent any air from coming in and causing potential freezer burn.

The best part of this tip? No more squeezing bacon into your skillet with overhang. The half slices fit perfectly in any size pan, or even your air fryer. They also fit perfectly on a BLT—what more could you want?!

This is the kind of hack that just sticks with you, the kind that changes your everyday habits. I have to admit, sometimes TikTok just gets it right.

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