Christmas Appetizer Recipes

More than 230 recipes for top Christmas appetizers like spiced nuts, dips, spreads, and snack mix. Make it a Christmas party to remember!

Staff Picks

Best Hot Crab Dip

Rating: Unrated
Very easy to make and absolutely wonderful! I am from Maryland and this is truly the best crab dip around. I have been making it for years.

Almond Dip

Rating: Unrated
This party dip makes an impressive presentation and has an interesting blend of flavors.

Savory Puff Pastry Christmas Tree

Rating: Unrated
Fun and easy to make, this savory puff pastry Christmas tree is filled with a combination of creamy goat cheese and sun-dried tomato pesto. It's so much easier to make than it looks and is guaranteed to get lots of oohs and aahs from guests! Serve warm or at room temperature.

Holiday Hot Spinach Dip

Rating: Unrated
A yummy hot vegetable dip! Serve with your favorite crackers.
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Perfect Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms

Rating: Unrated
These little goodies are the perfect addition to your next holiday gathering or even the perfect appetizer to serve before a cozy dinner at home. Everyone will be dazzled by every delicious bite (they won't be able to keep their hands off of them!) You can smile while you think of how easy they were to toss together! And the best part - I usually end up with leftover stuffing, which freezes beautifully until the next carry-in!

Traditional Christmas Cheese Ball

Rating: Unrated
I look forward to this simple, traditional cheese ball every year. It has been served during family Christmas Eve parties since before my time. The ingredients are few and inexpensive, and might be made year-round, but I reserve this one special appetizer for the holidays only to maintain its specialness. I love to serve Ritz crackers with the cheese ball to bring out its savory flavor.

Herbed Pomegranate Salsa

Rating: Unrated
A delightfully different salsa for the true salsa lover, this bittersweet salsa is often found in Mexican cuisine as well as Persian.

Cream Cheese, Havarti, and Parmesan Herbed Christmas Tree

Rating: Unrated
This delicious cream cheese-based appetizer is a great addition to any holiday party and is always a hit with guests due to its festive look! I have typically made this recipe for parties with the light or reduced fat options instead of regular and everyone has said it tastes great and looks even better. After the tree has reached desired firmness, set it on your serving platter and top the tree with lemon peel cut into the shape of a star. Serve with your choice of crackers. Triscuits® or Wheat Thins® work great!

Janet's Rich Banana Bread

Rating: Unrated
This is the moistest banana bread that I have ever tasted. It's also very easy to make!

Candied Pecans

Rating: Unrated
You can't eat just one. Crunchy, sweet, salty, and AMAZING!

Best Spinach Dip Ever

Rating: Unrated
This is my dad's recipe. The entire family loves it! A flavorful spinach mixture fills a tasty bread bowl. Your family will love it, too.

Sugar Coated Pecans

Rating: Unrated
These sweet pecans are wonderful snacks for any occasion.

Inspiration and Ideas

Baked Brie with Cranberries & Walnuts

"So easy, so impressive-looking, and most importantly, so delicious!" – Pauline

Bacon-Wrapped Dates with Blue Cheese

"Incredible! I stuffed half with blue cheese and half with feta." – komarejm

Savory Pumpkin Hummus

Rating: Unrated

I tinkered a bit with what I found in other recipes and this is the result. I think I like my results. I stirred in a small handful of tamari-flavored pumpkin seeds just before serving (couldn't find plain ones) and sprinkled a bit of paprika on top to make it look nice.