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Hundreds of main dish recipes. Choose from top-rated comfort food, healthy, and vegetarian options. Find your dinner star now!

Staff Picks

Cardamom Maple Salmon

Rating: Unrated
I am a salmon lover. This is a great recipe for a slightly exotic flavor of Indian inspiration with a maple twist. The flavor is exceptional, delicious, and unique. Orange zest may be added for an extra flavor twist.

Spicy Pork Tenderloin with Apples and Sweet Potatoes

Rating: Unrated
Jazz up your pork tenderloin with this spicy-sweet combo of apples, cider, sweet potatoes, and as much or as little heat as your palate requires! This easy oven dish only needs one other pot to reduce the sauce on top of the stove. It is large enough for a crowd or for leftovers later in the week. Add a green veggie or a salad, and some crusty dinner bread, and you are good to go!

Al's Burmese Chicken Curry

Rating: Unrated
A chicken curry with the balanced elements of spicy and sour with the traditional flavors of Southeast Asia. Serve with basmati rice. This will taste even better if you leave it for a day or two before eating.

Sweet Potato and Venison Shepherd's Pie

Rating: Unrated
A hearty, warming, and comforting venison shepherd's pie that's perfect for opening day!

Gemelli Pasta with Roasted Pumpkin and Pancetta

Roasting the pumpkin brings out the sweetness, which pairs well with the salty pancetta. This "primo piatto," or first course, is simple and delicious!

Beef Stroganoff with Ground Beef

Rating: Unrated
Ground beef makes this stroganoff sauce a quick, tasty comfort food served over noodles or mashed spuds.

Low Carb Turkey-Stuffed Peppers

Rating: Unrated
Put a healthier family classic on the dinner table by substituting ground turkey for ground beef, and using frozen riced cauliflower instead of high-carb white rice.

Copycat Fried Chicken Sandwich

Rating: Unrated
I tried to make a copycat Popeyes® fried chicken sandwich and ended up with a hybrid between that and the one from Chick-fil-A®. So you get the best of both worlds and what's more, this DIY version never runs out, not even on Sundays.
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Instant Pot® Vegan Korma

Rating: Unrated
Spicy and flavorful vegan korma made in an Instant Pot®. There is a bit of preparation as with any korma, but cooking time is reduced, which helps free up time in the kitchen as well as saving the integrity of the ingredients. The result is a dish with larger pieces of vegetables you can sink your teeth into. This is best served with naan bread or brown basmati rice.

Easy Meatloaf

Rating: Unrated
This is a very easy and no fail recipe for meatloaf. It won't take long to make at all, and it's quite good!

World's Best Lasagna

Rating: Unrated
It takes a little work, but it is worth it.
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Juicy Roasted Chicken

Rating: Unrated
My grandmother's recipe for roasted chicken. We are German and she used to do it this way all the time. I never have had a chicken this juicy before; this little trick works and makes the people eating it go silent. It's funny. We nibble on the celery after.

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Salisbury Steak

Rating: Unrated

This recipe has been in my family for years. It's easy to cook, but tastes like it took hours to make! I usually make enough extra sauce to pour over mashed potatoes. YUM!