Turkey Main Dish Recipes

A whole roast turkey is always a showstopper, but what about other turkey main dishes? Find recipes for turkey legs and turkey thighs, and others like turkey pot pie, turkey tetrazzini, and ground turkey sloppy joes.

Staff Picks

Turkey Pot Pie I

Rating: 4.5 stars 1073
A perfect way to use leftover turkey. This pie tastes yummy, and will feed up to eight hungry people.

Delicious Turkey Burgers

Rating: 5 stars 50
A delicious ground turkey burger. Experiment with the ingredients and make it your own!

Roasted Turkey Legs

Rating: 4.5 stars 108
These tender, juicy turkey legs are perfect for a small scale turkey dinner anytime of the year.

Chef John's Turkey Sloppy Joes

Rating: 4.5 stars 526
This made for a very enjoyable lunch, and kept warm in a slow cooker, could also work very nicely for a Super Bowl party. It tastes enough like a traditional beef Sloppy Joe to provide that satisfying comfort food fix, yet seems much lighter.

8 Turkey Thigh Recipes That Are Full of Flavor

Turkey thighs are one of the most underrated parts of the bird, and we think that's a shame.
By Corey Williams

Marinated Turkey Breast

Rating: 4.5 stars 282
This recipe came from my mother. These always turn out juicy and tender no matter how long my husband leaves them on the grill! Easy to prepare, but it's always best when marinated for at least 4 hours.

Herb-Glazed Roasted Turkey

Rating: 5 stars 125
The holiday season means it's Turkey Time. I could never figure out why so many people wanted to come over...until they confessed it was my recipe for turkey! Gobble, Gobble! I do not stuff the turkey. I make my own stuffing on the side and serve in a festive dish.

Turkey and Quinoa Meatloaf

Rating: 4.5 stars 2399
I always found turkey meatloaf to be quite disappointing. The flavor is usually lacking as well as the texture. Well, I have developed this version that has a great texture and a surprisingly good flavor (my brother couldn't even tell that it wasn't beef)! The secret is the quinoa, which adds wonderful texture and is much nuttier than breadcrumbs. I hope you enjoy this recipe!

Tender Breaded Turkey Cutlets

Rating: 4 stars 256
I came up with this thinking of a different way to serve the turkey breast. The sour cream seals in the moisture and no one would ever guess that it's in there. A great new way to try turkey. This is my husband's new favorite turkey dish.

Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast

Rating: 4.5 stars 274
This oven-roasted turkey breast is served with a simple pan gravy.

Turkey Breakfast Sausage

Rating: 4.5 stars 169
You can use this recipe for chicken and pork as well.

Original Hot Brown

Rating: 4.5 stars 57
This recipe originally came from the Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY. I have altered it based on how I have had it served in restaurants in Louisville. This is a good way to use leftover turkey from Thanksgiving and my husband looks forward to it every year.

Inspiration and Ideas

Turkey Goulash
Rating: Unrated 291
Try this lighter version of the classic American one-pot dinner.
Stuffed Peppers with Turkey and Vegetables
Rating: Unrated 658
"Our favorite stuffed pepper recipe to date! I made them a few hours before dinner and refrigerated them until time to cook. Very versatile recipe." – SSwisher
Easy Baked Turkey Wings
Rating: 5 stars 171

My mom made this growing up and now my family loves it. It is very easy to make. Serve over rice or mashed potatoes.