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Staff Picks

Canada Goose in Sweet Chili Sauce

Rating: 4.53 stars
Wild Canada goose breast with cooked onions and garlic in a sweet chili sauce.

Slow Cooker Barbecue Goose Sandwich

Rating: 4.78 stars
The secret to goose is to cook it until it falls apart - you need a slow cooker. This is a good sandwich recipe for goose breast.

Spicy Roast Goose with Apple Stuffing

Rating: 4.5 stars
We always have goose for Christmas, and this recipe makes an already special dish magnificent.

Roast Goose with Stuffing

Rating: 4.56 stars
A great way to make goose. Similar to a turkey, but a much richer tasting bird. Incredibly good!

Roast Goose with Wild Rice Stuffing

Rating: 4.53 stars
Another great roasted goose recipe. Perfect for Christmas dinner!

Goose and Kraut

Rating: 4.3 stars
This an easy way to prepare wild goose for the hunters or family. You can use goose with the skin on, but the meat will be greasier.

Super Crispy Roasted Goose

Rating: 4.23 stars
Impress your holiday guests with this crisp, moist, and undeniably delicious roasted goose. The recipe requires a day or two of advance preparation, but the results will create memories to last a lifetime, and maybe even inspire a seasonal tradition.

Roast Goose with Port Gravy

Rating: 4.12 stars
I've made this goose several times, and it is fantastic. A perfect holiday meal!

Homemade Hot and Sour Soup

Rating: 4 stars
Very easy-to-make hot and sour soup.

Wild Goose Breasts with Orange Glaze

Rating: 3.89 stars
This is a great recipe for that wild bird you're not sure what to do with. Sweet and tangy at the same time.

Slow Cooked Goose

Rating: 4.58 stars
A very delicious goose dish. Good with tame and wild goose meat, as it will remove the wild-game taste. Great recipe that can cook all day while you're at work. When finished it makes an excellent gravy that is great with mashed potatoes. Also, my wife and kids couldn't stand the taste of goose until I made this recipe, now they love it.

Smoked Citrus Goose Breast

Rating: 4 stars
Goose breast is marinated then smoked over a charcoal grill. If you don't have a smoker, regular grilling with propane or charcoal still tastes great! Mesquite chips can be used in place of the hickory if you prefer. Be sure to leave the vent open on your grill!

Inspiration and Ideas

Toasted French Bread with Blood Orange Coulis and Foie Gras

A rich, creamy spread of foie gras contrasted with floral blood orange and crunchy French bread.

Goose Giblets with Paprika

From the Czech Republic. Seriously my husband's favorite recipe and a must to accompany the Christmas goose we roast every year!