Beef Brisket Recipes

Marinades, rubs, and sauces for fall-apart tender brisket from your oven or slow cooker.

Staff Picks

Simply the Easiest Beef Brisket

Rating: 4.65 stars
Simply the best and easiest beef brisket there is. Great recipe to make the day before and reheat to serve.

Oklahoma Brisket

Rating: 4.61 stars
This is absolutely fabulous and so easy. Brisket that isn't dried out can be so good. The bar-b-que sauce is also wonderful and can be used for other meat dishes.

Great Brisket

Rating: 3.5 stars
This is a smoking or slow-grilling beef brisket. The apple and orange juices really bring out the flavor of the meat.

Blazing Brisket

Rating: 4.13 stars
This 'Blazing Brisket' is a family recipe from Hungary which has been passed down through my family for generations.

Nana Lara's Brisket

Rating: 4.63 stars
Easy and festive brisket, straight from my grandma in Newfoundland. This recipe is goof-proof and very tasty. Really good with a glass of Lambrusco, a sparkling red wine, or with ale.

Jewish Style Sweet and Sour Brisket

Rating: 4.74 stars
This is the best brisket you will ever taste. No matter who comes for dinner, they always make sure that I'll be making this brisket. It is a very traditional dish for Rosh Hashanah and Passover but it certainly is a winner any time of the year for anyone who loves very tender beef.

Midwest Brisket

Rating: 4.52 stars
This is a recipe I got from my aunt and her family, it is time consuming but worth it. For a different size brisket, just bake 1 hour per pound.

Oh So Tender Brisket

Rating: 4.49 stars
Brisket - tender, tasty and oh so easy!

Reuben Sandwich II

Rating: 4.68 stars
These sandwiches are really delicious and easy to make. They are one of my family's fix-it-quick favorites. I like to serve them with big bowls of steaming vegetable soup and dill pickles on the side. Enjoy!

Slow-Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage

Rating: 4.62 stars
No more dry corned beef! Cook this in your slow cooker all day and you're guaranteed success! Serve this with soda bread for a warm and satisfying meal.

Corned Beef and Cabbage I

Rating: 4.63 stars
What's more Irish than a traditional recipe for corned beef and cabbage? Serve with mustard or horseradish if desired.

Grandma's Brisket

Rating: 4.48 stars
My grandmother used to make this every year for get-togethers. Who would've known that it was this easy?

Inspiration and Ideas

Bangin' Smokey Beef Brisket

"Really good! Instead of cooking it in the oven for hours, I put this in the slow cooker all day. Delicious!" – GINAH1

Blackjack Brisket

"If you don't go buy the ingredients RIGHT NOW and prepare this then there is something wrong with you. Sooo good. Just go. Now. To the market. Go." – KaiMom

Slow Cooked Corned Beef for Sandwiches

Rating: 4.75 stars

This is an excellent recipe for party sandwiches. I always make 2 (and sometimes 3) briskets because it goes so fast. The meat should cook slowly for a minimum of 4 hours--cooking longer will just make it more tender. It sounds like a LOT of garlic, but no one has ever complained that it tasted too garlicky. Serve with brown mustard on rye or kaiser rolls. Can also add cole slaw to the sandwich for a uniquely delicious sandwich.