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Staff Picks

Garlic Oyster Linguini

Rating: 4.5 stars
This is a popular Cajun appetizer dish.

Cajun Oyster Pie

Rating: 3.8 stars
A Louisiana favorite! You may add cooked vegetables to the filling if you wish.

Oyster and Cornbread Dressing

Rating: 4.19 stars
Each year I am asked to make this wonderful dressing. The recipe has been in my family for years. Chopped oysters and chicken broth make it very moist and flavorful. For an even more moist dressing, use more chicken broth.

Scalloped Oysters

Rating: 4.39 stars
Mild oyster taste with a crunch crumb topping.

Oysters Rockefeller

Rating: 4.37 stars
A traditional recipe for oysters Rockefeller.

Grilled Oysters with Fennel Butter

Rating: 4.75 stars
A seasonal side dish or appetizer with fresh oysters and fennel.

Grandpa's Oyster Stew

Rating: 4.77 stars
Born and raised on the water, oystering is in chef Madden Surbaugh's blood. Every year at Christmas his grandfather made his famous oyster stew.

Holiday Oyster Stuffing

Rating: 4.88 stars
This is my grandmother's oyster stuffing recipe that has been handed down. It is a favorite for Thanksgiving and Christmas and very simple to make. If you cook your turkey at 325 degrees F, it will be perfect if the stuffing is cooked alongside it at that temp as well. It can also be baked in a muffin tin for individual servings.

Daddy Mack's Oysters

Rating: 4.74 stars
This is concoction was developed by my buddy and I during a block party. We had people standing in line. Be sure to use leather gloves when shucking hot oysters. Sounds like a pain, but well worth the work.

Deep Fried Oysters

Rating: 4.53 stars
This is a very simple recipe for fried oysters. You can use the same recipe for shrimp and scallops too.

Oyster Stew

Rating: 4.52 stars
This is best Oyster Stew you ever had! It is elegant and satisfying. I serve it with toasted homemade bread. Serve it quick and hot! Try adding a drop or two of hot sauce in your stew -- it's delicious!

Rockin' Oysters Rockefeller

Rating: 4.79 stars
This is a slight variation on the classic dish Oysters Rockefeller. Serve this delicious dish and watch your guests cry, 'I love you!!!'

Inspiration and Ideas

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Seafood File Gumbo

Rating: 4.36 stars

This is a big recipe and a big time-consumer, but delicious! Serve gumbo over 1/3 cup cooked rice per serving in bowls.