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Sweet Potato Rolls

Rating: Unrated
A flavorful roll, good with hearty soups and stews.

Steakhouse Black Bread

Rating: Unrated
This is a steakhouse bread recipe that I obtained many years ago from a friend. It makes a very dense and flavorful bread. If you like, brush the rolls or bread with beaten egg, then sprinkle some uncooked oatmeal on top before baking. Enjoy!

Potato Rolls

Rating: Unrated
I have been eating these rolls since I was a kid. I don't know where they started out, but I remember my grandmother making them. They freeze well and taste great split open and toasted.

Oatmeal Sourdough Rolls

Rating: Unrated
Oatmeal gives these rolls a lovely texture, while the sourdough adds a distinct flavor.

Golden Crescent Rolls

Rating: Unrated
This is a great recipe for sweet, fluffy crescent rolls (kind of like a croissant but more dense).

Soft Onion Sandwich Rolls

Rating: Unrated
This is it! I've been through many recipes to come up with this one. Great for BBQ beef sandwiches. If you prefer plain rolls, omit onion ingredients.

Grandma's Clover Leaf Rolls

Rating: Unrated
My Grandma's yeast rolls were always requested at family get-togethers. They're delicious and I cherish the memories I have of baking them with her.

Za'atar Pull-Apart Rolls

Rating: Unrated
Pull-apart and monkey breads don't have to be sweet! This simple homemade dough is dipped in za'atar (a delicious Middle Eastern herb mix) and baked in a muffin tin. Great served with labneh, olives, and fresh mint for brunch!

Homemade Hamburger Buns

Rating: Unrated
I've gotten a thousand request for these. We're going to make our own, and not only are these going to be the perfect shape, they're going to taste way better than anything that comes out of a plastic bag. The total time takes almost 4 hours, but the actual amount of work involved is maybe 10 minutes.

Classic Dinner Rolls

Rating: Unrated
Who can resist warm yeast rolls, fresh from the oven?

Quick Yeast Rolls

Rating: Unrated
This easy yeast roll recipe was given to me by my Great, Great Grandmother. I used it a couple of years ago in our state fair and received first place.

French Bread Rolls to Die For

Rating: Unrated
Easy to make French bread rolls. Dough can be made in mixer, bread maker, or by hand. Loaves or rolls can be brushed before baking with a glaze of 1 beaten egg white mixed with 1 tablespoon water if desired.

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"Very good—lightly sweet buttery rolls. I love that it is so easy and quick to put together. And the kids had a blast rolling them into horns." – Rae

Soft Sandwich Buns (Dough Hook Mixer Version)

Rating: Unrated

My entire family absolutely loves these buns with sloppy joes. They hold their shape and don't fall apart when combined with the 'juiciness' of the sloppy joes. I'm not going to buy sandwich buns again. They couldn't compare to these.