Zucchini Bread Recipes

Whether you're looking for a banana zucchini bread, zucchini carrot bread, or just a basic version, Allrecipes has got you covered.

Staff Picks

Chocolate Zucchini Bread I

Rating: 4.74 stars
A moist scrumptious bread with chocolate and spices that even the kids will love. It's a great way to use up all of those extra zucchinis in your garden!

Lemon Pistachio Zucchini Bread

Rating: 4.62 stars
A moist zucchini bread with lemon and pistachio for a unique flavor.

Blueberry Zucchini Bread

Rating: 4.8 stars
Blueberries and zucchini baked up into delicious little summertime bread loaves!
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Zucchini Bread with Coconut

Rating: 4.89 stars
My favorite recipe for a zucchini bread with a hint of coconut. Make sure to squeeze out as much liquid from the zucchini as possible after grating, otherwise the cake can get too mushy.

Pineapple Coconut Zucchini Bread

Rating: 4.66 stars
A very moist flavorful zucchini bread. A great way to use up all that zucchini in the garden.

Banana-Zucchini Bread

Rating: 4.52 stars
A combination of two favorites: banana nut bread and zucchini bread. The flavors combine and in each bite you get just a hint of both flavors.

Zucchini Apple Bread

Rating: 4.33 stars
A variation of the zucchini bread that is fluffy and light, with a touch of sweetness.

Harvest Vegetable Bread

Rating: 5 stars
Garden fresh zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, and potatoes combine to make the perfect savory quick bread.

Hearty Breakfast Muffins

Rating: 4.69 stars
Healthy, hearty breakfast muffins. These have a lightly sweet flavor and lots of wholesome ingredients to get your day started. Moist, chewy, and not overly dense. Easily customizable! You can use any flavor of yogurt, but I prefer plain Greek yogurt. Customize with your favorite nuts or seeds, zucchini or squash, cooked sweet potato, raisins or cranberries, etc. Enjoy!

Mom's Zucchini Bread

Rating: 4.76 stars
Really, really good and moist- my kids eat it as quickly as I can make it. Bread will freeze well, and keep in refrigerator for weeks.

Savory Cheddar Zucchini Muffins

Rating: 3.97 stars
I developed this recipe when I had an abundance of zucchini and wanted a muffin to have with a chicken dinner. These savory muffins are great as a quick breakfast too! They're a hit even with those who think they don't like zucchini!

Inspiration and Ideas

Best Zucchini Bread Recipes

Here are 20 favorite ways to make zucchini bread loaves and muffins, including savory options that might surprise you.

Chocolate Wave Zucchini Bread

Rating: Unrated
"Hands down, the BEST Zucchini Bread EVER! I added white chocolate chips to the chocolate layer. Drop everything and bake this bread now!" ~GayJay~

Caley's Classic Zucchini Bread

Rating: 4.69 stars

A sweet cinnamon-y zucchini bread that makes use of all the leftover zucchini from my family's garden. My whole family loves this bread and begs me to make it as soon as the zucchinis are harvested! Pecans can be used in place of walnuts if preferred.