Labor Day Dessert Recipes

Find the best Labor Day dessert recipes for pie, cobbler, ice cream, and cake, complete with ratings, reviews, videos, and cooking tips.

Staff Picks

Baron's Blackberry Cobbler

Rating: Unrated
Easy blackberry cobbler. My father-in-law grows huge blackberries and always has tons. I tried a number of recipes and none really hit the spot. So created this one and it worked so well that my fiance said it was the best she had ever had. Serve warm with heavy or whipped cream.

Hot Fudge Ice Cream Bar Dessert

Rating: Unrated
This is an incredibly easy rich and satisfying ice cream dessert made with ice cream sandwiches and fudge sauce. This keeps in the freezer very well and can be eaten straight from the freezer.

Strawberry Chantilly

Rating: Unrated
My sister-in-law gave me this recipe. It is really light and tasty after summer BBQ get-togethers.

Easy Fresh Peach Cobbler

Rating: Unrated
Very easy and very good.

Patriotic Fruit Pizza

Rating: Unrated
This is a fun recipe for the 4th of July holiday! Fresh fruit is a hit on desserts during the summer months! Making this dessert is as fun as eating it! This recipe feeds a lot, but the leftovers are only good a day or two.

Zucchini Bars

Rating: Unrated
This snack cake is so delicious that my family can eat the entire batch in one day! Very easy and moist.

No Skill Fruit Tart

Rating: Unrated
Just like a seasonal fruit pie--wonderful for people who have trouble making the perfect crust. My favorite is blackberries with peaches, but you can use pretty much any seasonal fruit that you love. This one's a no-brainer!

Barbequed Pineapple

Rating: Unrated
Barbecued Pineapple! Serve in a bowl or a banana boat with pineapple on either side and a scoop of ice cream or two on top and drizzled with juice glaze. You may substitute juice (1/2 cup) for the sugar and rum part of the marinade.

Melt In Your Mouth Blueberry Cake

Rating: Unrated
This is a nice tender cake - one of my Mom's specialties from years ago. It is a great cake to take along to a picnic.

Fresh Southern Peach Cobbler

Rating: Unrated
I've been experimenting with cobbler for some time and this recipe is the final result. Loved by all. Use fresh Georgia peaches, of course!

Blueberry Pie

Rating: Unrated
This is the best when made with fresh picked blueberries! It is a beautiful sight with a lattice top.

Best Ever Blueberry Cobbler

Rating: Unrated
This recipe works great with other cobbler fruit and is an excellent light dessert that isn't too sweet! Serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Inspiration and Ideas

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Peanutty Ice Cream Pie

"I love the concept of a peanut-based crust—what a great idea!" – Heather

Blueberry Dump Cake

Rating: Unrated

By definition, dump cakes are simple and fuss-free to make. Try this recipe using fresh blueberries and cake mix for a dessert everyone will love.