Pizza Recipes

Crusts and toppings so you can make your own at home. Bye-bye, delivery guy!

Staff Picks

Blue Cheese, Walnut, and Pear Pizza

Rating: 4.67 stars
A fresh and tasty appetizer pizza.
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Campfire Pepperoni Pizza

Rating: 5 stars
This is easy as pie... no pun intended. The smokey flavor from the wood fire puts a great twist on an old favorite and with the help of a pizza stone, doing this over an open fire is easier than you may think.

Barbeque Chicken Grilled Pizza

Rating: 4.5 stars
Quick and easy for those summer cookouts. I often make as an appetizer while the ribs are cooking. Use whatever toppings you normally like on regular pizza, but the barbeque chicken is always a crowd pleaser! The dough never makes a perfect rectangle, but we have fun guessing what it looks like ('That looks like America!'). For the chicken, I use the grilled chicken pre-cooked at the store.

Mediterranean Pesto Pizza

Rating: 4.44 stars
This pizza is great for those who want a change from ordinary pizza. It is great with naan or Greek pita flatbreads!

Jan's Jalapeno Popper Pizza

Rating: 4.6 stars
All the goodness of jalapeno poppers in a pizza topping.

Greek Pizza

Rating: 4.63 stars
A light and flavorful pizza featuring feta, tomatoes, and spinach. I like to use a homemade whole wheat crust, rolled thin.

D's Taco Pizza

Rating: 4.69 stars
We love to order taco pizza from the local pizza parlor but it got too expensive. So I came up with this variation of it that my family loves! It can be suited to match anyone's tastes and the ready-made crust makes it a snap on busy days.

Arugula and Hummus Mini Pizzas

Rating: 4.81 stars
A nice quick and fresh snack that is healthy and delicious! This can also be made on pita bread instead of naan.

Shrimp Pizza

Rating: 4.38 stars
This is a great summertime pizza, because it is light and it can be served hot or cold.

Pepperoni Meatza

Rating: 4.43 stars
For people that are gluten-intolerant, low-carb, paleo, or whatever, it can be hard to go without pizza. This dish makes it a lot easier. It is made pretty much exactly the same as pizza, but with ground beef as the crust. Sounds weird at first, but it is absolutely delicious and very filling. This is something great to make ahead of time and then eat as leftovers later on. It's great hot or cold, just like pizza! I find that if you make 6 square slices, each slice is usually more than enough to fill you up. Feel free to add whatever toppings you normally eat on pizza. It will taste just as good!

True Cheeseburger Pizza

Rating: 4.56 stars
This is a unique twist on two favorites: pizza and cheeseburgers! It is super fast to make, and you can easily add your favorite burger toppings such as lettuce and tomato. This is a family favorite and disappears fast!

Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza

Rating: 4.5 stars
Pizza with a little kick of buffalo wing flavor! Have your pizza and wings together!

Inspiration and Ideas

Chicago-Style Pan Pizza
Rating: Unrated
"Excellent recipe! I doubled the cheese only because that's the way I like pizza. Definitely cook the dough for 10-15 mins first, depending on the thickness." – CrazyWolf

Easy Tortilla Pizza

Rating: 4.84 stars

This is an extremely easy/fast way to prepare a delicious pizza that is light enough to be a snack, serves well as an appetizer, or is so good that is can be devoured alone! I make this often when entertaining guests and it always goes fast. You can make any sort of topping variations. The one below is the classic way I usually prepare it. I cook this also with my family. Each person gets their own tortilla to, as my kids say, decorate.