Shallot Recipes

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Staff Picks

Pan-Seared Chicken Breasts with Shallots

Rating: 4.44 stars
Quick, easy sauteed chicken breast recipe with a good sauce to drizzle over rice or mashed potatoes.

Roasted Asparagus with Shallots

Rating: 4.15 stars
This recipe is as flavorful and delicious as it is easy to prepare! Comes out perfect every time! You will never want soggy steamed asparagus ever again!

Argentinean Chimichurri

Rating: 4.67 stars
This is the simplest way to make authentic Argentinean chimichurri. The greatest thing about authentic Argentinean food is that it is easy to make and hard to screw up!

Roasted Red Onions Stuffed With Mascarpone Cheese

Rating: 2.8 stars
Mascarpone is an Italian cheese with a delicate, fresh smell that lightens up all dishes. And this appetizer is so deliciously sweet and simple you would wonder why you haven't had it before.

Avocado and Cilantro Soup

Rating: 3.79 stars
The richness of this tasty chilled soup is balanced by the sharp injection of lime hot pepper sauce. An optional dash of Tequila adds an extra Southwestern kick.

Beef Tenderloin With Roasted Shallots

Rating: 4.84 stars
The shallot sauce takes some time, but is well worth the trouble. This is definitely a company dish, and the recipe doubles well for a larger party. Serve with a green salad and roasted vegetables.

Tomato-Herb Vinaigrette

Rating: 4.8 stars
This sauce is easy to make and is very versatile. Use it on salads, grilled meats, grilled fish hot or cold, vegetables hot or cold, pasta and warm pasta salads.

Fast and Easy Spinach with Shallots

Rating: 4.53 stars
Here's a simple, healthy side dish that's fast and easy to prepare.

Salmon with Pineapple Tomato Salsa

Rating: 4.57 stars
A very colorful, refreshing summer dish that is full of flavor and very healthy. A great way to use your garden tomatoes.

Bruschetta with Shallots

Rating: 4.82 stars
Shallots are the special ingredient in this easy, filling bruschetta. The tomato mixture tastes best when prepared ahead of time and chilled for approximately 1 hour.

Gourmet Mushroom Risotto

Rating: 4.8 stars
Authentic Italian-style risotto cooked the slow and painful way, but oh so worth it. Complements grilled meats and chicken dishes very well. Check the rice by biting into it. It should be slightly al dente (or resist slightly to the tooth but not be hard in the center).

Steakhouse Potatoes Romanoff

Rating: 4.72 stars
They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but that's mostly because people just don't remember exactly what happened. Well, the only thing I didn't forget was this special potato gratin that Chef John Schenk taught me how to make 10 years ago at his restaurant Strip House. Not only is it the soul mate of steak, but it's also a great side dish for big holiday gatherings since you can make it the day before and bake when needed.

Inspiration and Ideas

Our Favorite Balsamic Vinaigrette
Rating: Unrated
This vinaigrette does not separate for at least 30 minutes once you shake it! Simple, sweet, and savory.
Lobster Thermidor
Rating: Unrated
This stunning lobster dish is surprisingly simple to make. Lobster shells are stuffed with cooked lobster in a creamy white wine sauce, then topped with Parmesan cheese and broiled until golden.

Oyster Stew

Rating: 4.52 stars

This is best Oyster Stew you ever had! It is elegant and satisfying. I serve it with toasted homemade bread. Serve it quick and hot! Try adding a drop or two of hot sauce in your stew -- it's delicious!