Argentinian Recipes

Craving the flavors of Argentina? Find recipes for empanadas, chimichurri sauce, alfajores, and more, complete with ratings, reviews and cooking tips.

Staff Picks

Chimichurri Sauce

Rating: 4.56 stars
This famous Argentinean sauce is perfect for any grilled foods. My catering customers love this sauce on garlic crostini with grilled flank steak slices.

Easy Chimichurri

Rating: 5 stars
I took elements of several chimichurri recipes I found to come up with this combination, which has become a favorite. Can be stored for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator.

Classic Empanadas

Rating: 4.75 stars
These classic empanadas are ubiquitous all over Argentina. Filled with minced beef, hard-boiled egg, green olives, and potatoes, they make a filling snack or packed lunch treat.

Argentine Meat Empanadas

Rating: 4.15 stars
My original version for the Argentinean recipe. Rich and delicious. Any meat can be used for this recipe, just be sure to cut it up into tiny pieces.

Authentic Empanada Pastry Dough

Rating: 4.67 stars
Try this easy and authentic empanada pastry dough! Quick to make since all ingredients are mixed in a food processor, then kneaded just very quickly and it's done. You can make it in advance, just cut it into discs, and freeze for later use.

Empanadas Salteñas

Rating: 5 stars
These are truly traditional beef empanadas from Salta, one of the Northern Provinces in Argentina. Made with ground beef, potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, and a fluffy homemade empanada pastry, these are just to die for!
By Anonymous

Alfajores Argentinean Style

Rating: 4.36 stars
This is a traditional cookie that is much loved in most Latin cultures. Even my mother in law says they're the BEST, and that is saying a lot considering she is from Mendoza, Argentina!

Beef Empanadas

This authentic recipe was given to me by a visiting Argentinean professor while I was studying Spanish in college. They have become a staple food in my household as they are both simple to make, and delicious.

Chimichurri Roasted Potatoes

Rating: 4.67 stars
These potatoes are a great side dish all year round. They stand up to grilled and roasted meats very well. Sometimes I add a chopped cherry pepper to the chimichurri to add a little heat and color.

Argentinean-Style Ribs

Rating: 4.1 stars
At first glance you'll say 'whoa! that's way too salty for me to try...' but stick with it. This is one of the best rib recipes I've ever tried. Very quick and easy.

Argentinean Skirt Steaks

Rating: 4.5 stars
This is the most requested main dish in my house. Everyone loves it and that is a rare thing indeed! These steaks are almost too simple to believe and they turn out great every single time. So tender and flavorful - you just can't mess them up! The adobo seasoning is quite salty, so keep that in mind as you season the steaks.

Argentinean Potato Salad

Rating: 4.45 stars
A famous, classic South American dish otherwise known as 'Ensalada Rusa.' Makes absolutely the best appetizer. Ready to serve as soon as it is chilled, and even better overnight.

Inspiration and Ideas

Argentinean Chimichurri Sauce
Rating: Unrated
"[This version] is a little thicker than the normal chimichurri with tomato and onion pieces." – Dache
Alfajores Argentinean-Style
Rating: Unrated
"These taste just like my great-(Argentinian) aunt's! A definite keeper!" – Claudia

Empanadas Abiertas de Humita (Creamy Corn Empanadas)

Rating: 4.6 stars

Creamy corn empanadas are an Argentinean classic. These can be made open like a tart or closed like a pasty - the choice is yours! You can opt to make the pasty-like version; find the method in the footnote.