Ice Cream Pie Recipes

Cool off with more than 45 frozen pie recipes, from peanut butter ice cream pies to mud pies to frosty margarita pies.

Staff Picks

Mud Pie II

Rating: 4.55 stars
This is an ice cream pie that is so good it will make you sit up and kiss your mother-in-law!

Banana Split Ice Cream Pie

Rating: 4.03 stars
Who doesn't love a good old-fashion Banana Split? How about a pie that combines all the ingredients of this old-fashion favorite! Almonds may be used in place of walnuts. You can also use a pre-made chocolate cookie crumb crust instead of making your own.

Freezer Caramel Drizzle Pie

Rating: 4.75 stars
This is a delicious pie that people just love on a hot summer day. Great for Sunday dessert if prepared Saturday night.

Tip Top Toffee Ice Cream Pie

Rating: 5 stars
This is an easy pie to make, with spectacular results. Make sure to use the best ice cream to get the best flavor; I like Starbucks® coffee flavor, and Ben and Jerry's®.

Heath Bar Pie

Rating: 4.59 stars
If you like Heath candy bars, you'll love this pie!

Southern Comfort Ice Cream Pie

Rating: 5 stars
This delicious pie is a welcome treat on a hot summer day.

Best Mud Pie

Rating: 4.54 stars
A dynamite version of mud pie made by layering ice cream, chocolate fudge sauce, and cookies!

Alaskan Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie

Rating: 5 stars
This has been our dessert of choice for family birthdays! The kids love to choose different flavors of ice cream. In fact, the youngest is 19 today and is having it still! Some favorite ice cream flavors are coffee and cookies and cream.

Frozen Pineapple Pie

Rating: 4.66 stars
This is a good recipe to make ahead for company on hot, summer days. You may use low-fat or fat-free ingredients if you like.

Tin Roof Sundae Pie

Rating: 4.67 stars
This is an ice cream pie; the combination of the crust and the salty peanuts makes it one of the best you will ever try.

Frozen Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Rating: 4.4 stars
I'm not a cheesecake fan, unlike my husband, so this was my compromise. I actually really enjoy it!

Chocolate Mint Pie

Rating: 4.63 stars
This pie has a chocolate cookie crust and an ice cream filling, but the creme de menthe meringue topping is what makes it special. It is a perfect St. Patrick's Day treat. Vanilla ice cream can be substituted for the mint chocolate chip.

Inspiration and Ideas

Frozen Margarita Pie
Rating: Unrated
"We loved this pie! Very light and refreshing, and the crust was yummy. I made mine in a springform pan." – Christina

Toasted Coconut, Pecan, and Caramel Pie

Rating: 4.73 stars

Very rich tasting pie that is easy to prepare. Everyone loves this pie.