Air Fryer Side Dish Recipes

Find dozens of side dish recipes you can make in your air fryer, from air fryer zucchini chips and sweet potato fries to air-fried baked potatoes and more.

Staff Picks

Air Fryer Fingerling Potatoes

Rating: 4.86 stars
Air-fried fingerling potatoes are crispy on the outside and tender and creamy on the inside. This is a simple side dish that works for everyday meals as well as special occasions.

Air Fryer Zucchini Chips

Rating: 4.42 stars
Crunchy, cheesy fried zucchini chips without the guilt of deep frying. This is the perfect way to make use of those abundant zucchini from the garden! Serve with marinara sauce for dipping.

Air-Fried Sweet Potato Fries

Rating: 4.55 stars
Simple and addicting air-fried sweet potato fries. I bet you can't eat just one.

Air Fryer Zucchini Curly Fries

Rating: 4.67 stars
Curly zucchini fries cooked to crisp perfection in the air fryer. Serve with ranch dressing.

Air Fryer Root Vegetables with Vegan Aioli

Rating: 4.67 stars
Parsnips, carrots, baby red potatoes, and red onion combine with garlic and rosemary to make this delicious dish for your meal. If you don't have fresh rosemary, use another fresh herb to your liking. Try them with the garlic aioli--I think you will like it!

Rosemary Potato Wedges for the Air Fryer

Rating: 4.4 stars
Try these rosemary potato wedges in your air fryer. They are quicker and just as tasty as roasting them in your oven, and you don't need to heat up the whole house to do them! I used the recipe for papa's seasoning salt from this site. Serve with your favorite aioli or dipping sauce.

Air-Fried Carrots with Balsamic Glaze

Rating: 4.75 stars
Honey-roasted carrots still warm from the air fryer are tossed with a buttery balsamic glaze and sprinkled with chives in this simple and quick weeknight side dish recipe.

7 Seriously Delicious Ways To Cook Sweet Potatoes in Your Air Fryer

Sweet potatoes cook to crispy perfection in the air fryer. Check out these top-rated recipes for a deliciously easy side dish for any day of the week.
By Ita Mac Airt

Potato Hay

Rating: 4.67 stars
Air-fried spiralized potatoes.

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