Lamb Stew

Stick with the classic, comforting Irish version or try a Persian or Moroccan variation and make one of those your new favorite lamb stew.

Staff Picks

Irish Lamb Stew

Rating: Unrated
Hearty and traditional Irish lamb stew. It's best to refrigerate the stew overnight, and reheat it the next day for eating. This soup 'ages' well!

Greek Lamb Stew

Rating: Unrated
This is a wonderful and easy stovetop preparation that is a hearty meal for the whole family. I often serve it over rice or orzo, with a nice tomato and cucumber salad and good bread. A simple, fresh, and delicious taste of the Greek Isles!

Slow Cooker Lamb Stew

Rating: Unrated
Lamb and veggies come together in this warm and comforting stew. Let your slow cooker work its magic, while you spend your time doing other things.

Chef John's Irish Stew

Rating: Unrated
Pay attention to the cut of lamb used in this recipe. I used lamb shoulder chops, which are a fantastic value, when you consider flavor, useable meat, and price. They will probably be the cheapest lamb at the store, have more flavor and richness than leg meat, and are cheaper than shanks and loins. It takes a while for the meat to braise and fall off the bone, but it's a wait rewarded with tender, succulent chucks of lamb.

Mediterranean Lamb and Lentil Stew

Rating: Unrated
This light and delicious stew makes a perfect springtime meal, especially when served over rice pilaf. It's a favorite of my children.

Lamb Stew with Green Beans

Rating: Unrated
This recipe is great made with either fresh or frozen green beans. If you use frozen use the French style beans. This is Greek stew that my mom always made while I was growing up and has now been handed down to my children. Enjoy!

Moroccan Lamb Stew with Apricots

The lamb gets mellow from cooking until tender, and the warm spices take away any overly “lamby” flavor. The apricots, cilantro, and pine nuts are a wonderful combination. This stew took very little time or effort--very nice for a complex-flavored dish like this. This would be great with crusty bread, served over couscous, or with chickpeas added in for a heartier meal.

Irish Stew

Rating: Unrated
Every Irish household has their own version of this famous dish-so here's mine. I like to add chunky pieces of parsnip for a little sweetness, and fresh rosemary gives it a distinct flavour and aroma. If you use a tougher cut of meat, you can leave it to simmer longer before adding the potatoes. Fantastic on a cold, blustery day-served with a pint of the black stuff, of course!

Algerian Couscous

Rating: Unrated
This recipe is made with mutton and chicken, but you can easily change the meats for lamb and/or merguez. I make this often and my family loves it!

Lamb and Winter Vegetable Stew

Rating: Unrated
A hearty stew made with winter vegetables. Definitely worth the time. Beef tips can be substituted for lamb.
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Irish-Style Lamb Stew

Rating: Unrated
Authentic Irish-style stew made with lamb, potatoes and carrots.

Make-Ahead Moroccan Lamb Stew

Rating: Unrated
Inspired by the wonderful spices and flavors used in Moroccan cuisine, this wonderful stew is a hearty one-dish meal. We like to double the recipe and freeze one portion for later. You can also save time, by combining all of these Moroccan spices in bulk and having the mixture on hand to use in this stew recipe, as well as others, like lamb burgers, grilled salmon, and meat rubs. We typically serve the stew with warm bread and a salad.

Inspiration and Ideas

Bamieh (Middle Eastern Okra Stew)

Rating: Unrated
A fabulous, flavor-filled recipe that's great for leftovers. Every Middle Eastern country has its own spin on this dish, but this one is predominantly the Yemeni version. Serve over basmati rice.

Instant Pot® Irish Stew

Rating: Unrated
This hearty Irish lamb stew is perfect for a chilly day, and easy to make in an Instant Pot®! Serve as-is or with rice on the side.

Traditional Armenian Gomgush

Gomgush is a traditional brothy stew of Armenia. Fresh ingredients are very important and it is cooked it in an unwashed tonir (similar to a tandoor) that is kept in family. After many gomgush are made it will keep getting better and better!